Sunday, November 02, 2014

Welcome To Portland

First,let me apologize for any typos. I bought a tablet for my travels and it is tiny. This is my first attempt and really using it. That being said, my travel has officially begun!

Yesterday I arrived in Portland. Let me tell ya, Alaska Airlines is the way to go. I flew in a tiny plane that holds 76 passengers, but there were only 23 of us on board. I chose to sit way in the back because I thought I'd be near the bathrooms. Turns out they are way up front. However I was next to the flight attendants. One looked like my friend and landlord, and chatted my up the entire way. Not only was I delighted to have free beer on the flight. He served me first and kept topping me off as he passed by. Best flight ever!

Once in Portland my long time friend Rowan picked me up and showed me the Portland Japanese Garden. Really a beautiful place. Considering I hardly know how to type, pictures will have to come later.

In the evening we had a few cocktails I call The Rocky IV. It is more popularly known as a Whipped White Russian. If you still don't understand the movie reference there is no hope for you.

We carried some coffee cups with our drink and the city bus driver, of course, asks me where I got coffee so late at night. I panic and say I have no idea I'm not from there,to which he replies "oooh." Oh indeed. Only one day out and I feel like a high school kid already.

After a few bar hops we leads me to a place I have heard so much about...Voodoo donuts. I have been Psycho Donut fan for years, but I guess Voodoo is where the crazy donut craze began. I order 3 to try, and eat one on the way home. Even in my drunken state it was highly disappointing. Sober me will have to put in her two cents,but pretty sure this place is overhyped just like Sprinkles. At least it is off the bucket list.

Nothing too crazy, but it was a great first day AND I actually posted an entry. *Pats self on back.* Up next: hiking! Has lifting and running 5ks properly prepared me for this? Inquiring minds want to know.


pdreiter said...

Oh no. Voodoo donuts wasn't up to par? I think I died a bit inside. I had a maple glazed donut there and I thought it was awesome. I prefer non-cake donuts. Not sure what those are, but the light and fluffy ones.

pdreiter said...

I just realized that my entire last post was about donuts. And I think I'm okay with that.

That's funny about the coffee, because I remember there being coffee everywhere. He probably just wanted to talk to you.

Kristie Love said...

Well,the great donut chase is not over! Glazed and Confused in Denver is on my list!