Thursday, May 11, 2006

Past memories

So I should have posted this a few weeks ago, but I'm lazy, and then I forgot, but I saw something today that reminded me of how silly/strange people are. So, lets rewind back to January. I heard a song on the radio, and I'm like hrm..thats pretty good. I did a search on Itunes and was able to find it and some other songs. The band's name? 30 Seconds to Mars. Ever heard of them? Yeah most people haven't. Anyways, about a month ago I was browsing upcoming concerts and saw that they were coming to town, and that tickets were only $15. Score! So, I decided to take Luis for his birthday. I decided to read up on this band since I didn't know anything about them and discover that Jared Leto (aka Jordon Catelano from My So Called Life) is the lead singer. I was stunned just because I can't think of any actor who has successfully launched a music career. Now, I feel the need to list out solo acts that never made it; Bruce Willis, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Don Johnson, and Eddie Murphy. Has anyone ever bought a Bacon Brothers (Kevin Bacon) CD, or Dogstarr (Keanu Reeves). Nope. So, anyways, yes, stunned. Now forward to concert night. I have a good buzz going on, I bust through towards the front of the crowd. How did I do it? I was looking for my "friend" Julia. Anyways, it was a great show, so i'm like, ok, I'll go do the meet and greet thing. I'm frantically texting my sister to think of what to say (liquor = mind numbness) and she says to ask if his passion is in music or acting. Simple enough. So I cruise through the band, actually stopping and chatting with Shannon (his bro) for a bit. Nothing significant, but I like him. Plus he's wearing eyeliner and I'm a sucker for guys with eyeliner. Anyways I make it down to and he doesn't really look at me, so I sort of shove my CD in front of him. I say "This is the point where I ask you something profound, right?" And he said "No, please don't". Well I'm drunk, but I'm thinking well my questions really isn't that difficult, so I ask him if he prefers acting or singing. He does give me direct eye contact this time, now lets freeze frame this moment. I've never thought Jared was attractive. Well, I mean, I could tell he is attractive, but he's very pretty, and I don't do the clean look. And for those of you who don't know, here are some definitions from the K.Love dictionary. Clean (as in reference to a person) - Nicely groomed hair, clean-shaven, dresses to impress, lots of times falls into the metro category. Dirty (as in reference to a person) - usually has facial hair, piercings, tattoos, dark hair, and tends to wear all black or dark colors. May wear eyeliner or nail polish. Anyways, now that Jared is a musician he has darkened his hair, wears all black, and yes, lots of eyeliner that makes his baby blues pop. He's more my type of guy now, but judging by all the US I read I know this is just for the stage and he's more clean in his day to day life. Anyways, now that reality is moving again he says "It really doesn't matter does it because I don't have any talent". Then he sort of tosses the CD at me and turns away. I was a bit stunned. Was he looking for sympathy? No, I believe he was intentionall being a jerk. Now the liquor wanted me to say "Well that may be true, but thats not what I asked you", but my mind said "Get your ass out the door before security carries you away". So that was it. Anyways, time has passed and I resumed my listening of their music. I received notice that they apparently put out this new video, so I give it a watch. Now its actually a pretty cool video, sort of The Shining feeling, but there is this one part where Jared runs into himself, and they appear to be singing at each other, and then simultaneously scream at each other. I laughed out loud. It looked quite silly. Its hard to explain. Its just one of those things you need to see. Anyways, Jared thanks for the laugh, but I still think you are a jerk.