Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A word about the gym...

So I hate working out, but I like the gym because this is how you see people for how they really look. They don't care about clothes, hair, or make-up. Well, except for this lady a few weeks ago who came in with full on makeup and huge 80's hair. I actually got up and moved across the gym because the smell of AquaNet and perfume was making me sick. She even worked out with a personal trainer. Of course, the way she lifted weights is the way I lift peas up to my mouth that are on a fork..slowly and cautiously so as not to cause a disturbance in the force.

Well, my fun this day was this girl jogging in front of me. I didn't really notice her at first, but then I looked at her and noticed about every 5 seconds her pants would fall half way down and would expose her *sexy* black thong. Now I have always been against the spandex movement, and actually against the size 2 girls who wear size 0 jeans and somehow manage to make it look like they have a fat roll, but wear clothes that fit and don't literally fall off you body. I watched here in this weird jogging situation for about 1/2 an hour. I was mortified since, although not a plump girl, she should not be showing her thong let alone RUNNING in it. Sheesh!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well hi!

Oh yes I didn't realize I had fallen off the face of the earth for so much time. I think I just got lazy. Its been a long, grueling day at the office and I'm ready to take off shortly, but thought I'd practice typing again. I'm nursing a sprained foot from Saturday's fun at the Music Festival. I got to hear G.Love and Train, but ended up spending most of my time in the port-a-pottie line. At least it had a view of the stage. In my drunken happiness I sort of slid across the sidewalk, spared my ankle, but mangled my foot. Such is me..such is life. Cheers!