Monday, October 31, 2005

Oh, boring halloween.

For the first time that I can remember since I've been in AZ did just about everybody I know leave town. No big parties, and no big excitement for this holiday for those of us who stuck around. On a pleasant note, Eric Anderson did come to town for a few days. Other than that, it was a humdrum weekend, but I DID get some movie watching done. Yes, yes, I will be on vacation next week and devoting part of my time to getting my site up and running. Well, HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ANYBODY WHO CARES!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm a loser baby...

First, I think Stay is an awesome movie, I highly recommend. It was while watching this film I decided I want to marry a guy like Ryan Gosling. Don't get me wrong, Dave will always be my dream guy, but Ryan seems more tangible to me. While Ryan looks eerily like my ex bro-in-law, he as absolutely fantastic to watch on film!

So I promised (I think) to post regularly on my supposed weight loss. So while I'm still too shy to reveal my actual weight, what started this journey, but I put on 20 lbs over the summer. I've just finished up week 4 (even though I've only worked out 3 weeks since I twisted my ankle last week) and I'm +5 lbs from where I started. Thats right, now I'm 25 lbs heavier. The good news? I had put on 10 lbs in the first 2 weeks, and have lost 5 of that already. Apparently my body is adjusting to the trama I put it through, but this is good news. At least I'm heading in the right direction. I can't find my starting stats for weights, but here is what I'm at now:

Leg Extension - 75 lbs
Leg Curl - 50 lbs
Abductors (inner thigh) - 70 lbs
Abductors (outer thigh) - 100 lbs
Leg Press - 140 lbs
Chest Press - 52 lbs
Seated Row - 50 lbs
Shoulder - 30 lbs
Calves - 105 lbs

So I'm not a lifting champ, but I did manage to go a bit from where I started. For now, I'm stuck on a stationary bike and only working upper body, but hopefully I'll have some more good news in month 2's weigh in. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Weiland and I are participating in a walk hosted by the Arizona Animal Welfare League to Walk for Homeless Pets. Its AZs largest "no kill" shelter. If you have a few spare bucks and would like to donate, Weiland would be most happy. Please let me know and I can send you my home address if you wish to mail in donations. Our goal is to reach at least $150, since that is the cost to save one homeless pet (vet bills, etc). Thanks to those of you who already pledged. Weiland and I will send you photos of our event! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

They used freaking "laser" beams!

First, I am the hugest klutz and managed to twist my ankle with the first 2 minutes of my workout with my PT. ARGH!

Second, thank you, whoever, for Julian McMahon. I've been having recurring dreams about him and they are SO good.

Anyways, I decided to give over to vanity and try this laser hair removal thing. I'm too lazy to shave my legs as much as they require. So here is my experience with it. First, they stick you in an ice cold room and give you a little robe to wear (i was getting my legs and armpits done). She loaded me up with towels though to keep me from freezing. Then I got handed a pair of VERY squiffy goggles to protect my peepers from the "laser". The "laser" itself is about nickel size, and while blowing ice cold air on the area its treating, it beeps as it zaps. She drew all over me with a white pencil (since the "laser" is drawn to pigment) and asked if they offered to sell me some numbing cream because this was going to hurt. Actually, no they hadn't, but I didn't really want to invest more money. She then handed me a squeeze ball for my stress. Oh boy.

She started with my armpits. The pain was more shocking then anything because it was such a small area to treat. However, I really got to feel it when she did my legs. People say it feels like being snapped with a rubber band really hard. WRONG! I've felt that pain, and it stings and lingers a bit. This actually reminded me of an 80s contraption called the epilady. The new epiladies are cute, but the original ones had this slinky attached to it. Your hair would get stuck in it and ripped out by the roots. Thats what this felt like. All my hair was being ripped out (even though it was being zapped out of existence). Unlike the epilady or a rubber band, the pain was instant, and then gone. I felt fine most of the way, I didn't need any breaks, and I did squeeze the ball when she went up my shin and around my ankles since I had no fat to lessen the pain. She was so happy she exclaimed "wow. You have a HIGH pain tolerance. I want to crank this machine up." So after about 1 1/2 hours in the chair i left the clinic with red blotches legs. I couldn't use lotions, or even sweat, for 2-3 days so I would not irritate my skin.

The results are fantastic so far! I have 4 more sessions scheduled (the next in jan), but this is what I've noticed so far. My hair growth has slowed down immensely. I have not shaved since I had it done (5 days) and I only now have some stubble that would have taken me only 24 hours to grow before. I do notice a bit of my hair hasn't grown in at all. Apparently it can take up to 3 weeks for the hair to fall out, and I should only expect about 20% per session (so next time would be 40%, then 60%, etc).

The verdict? Its great. Totally worth it if you can handle some discomfort for an hour or so. People get tattoos and piercings and all sorts of weird things. The only great thing about this is that when I turn 75 people won't say "what the hell was she thinking when she did that", well, unless leg hair on women becomes stylish someday. As an extra note I should add the hair should stay away until the time (ha ha!) I get pregnant. Apparently since all a woman's hormones are in high gear they start to grow more coarse (or even just more) hair. The horror.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

ok, I haven't mastered the art of this blog yet, hence the separate entries for the pics, but he looks like a smurf here. I love it! That's his daddy, Mikael. He's swedish hence the funky spelling. (and yes folks, he has watched the Swedish chef on the muppet show, and alas, he is *not* speaking swedish. Oh the horror!) Posted by Picasa

The newest edition to the K.Love crew, little Tobias Mikael. :) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

pics o' me pup

Here's Frappy and 1/2 the reason I've become a hermit:

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Clock is Broken in Arizona

So this past weekend turned out pretty darn sweet. Friday night i got in a little late, and so i missed October fest in Tempe. Honestly i'm having a little trouble with the math here. Friday night was September 30. October Fest, as the name implies should take place in, well, October. So they wanted to get an early start, sure i could understand. Why then, did it STOP at 11pm!? That's just plain retarded!
So yea, missed out. But had a great time at the Tavern with all sorts of fun people. Chalupa was present and quite livley. K-love's always laughing and having fun. Her new roomate was pretty cool, too. Pemma, however, gets a "D" for her laziness. BOOOO! At least Greasy Tonys is still in business.
Oh yea, one more thing.

Tobias Mikel Cars was born ~ 2:45 a.m. on October 2, 2005. Wee-haw! (Oh! If you are a visitor this is not *my* baby, but my new nephew.) Congrats Myra and Mikael! :) Posted by Picasa