Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Tuesday

So I haven't seen any hearts or flowers yet today, which is nice. I have however received some online cards and lovely texts. Not much news in the way of Kristie's world. Only 2 more days and I will be with some of my buds I haven't seen in awhile in the city of Austin. Hooray for..uh...what is Texas famous for? Death Penalty? Ribs? Well I hope for the best. Everyone have a great president's day weekend.

Monday, February 13, 2006

In response to Captain Jack's 2/7/06 post which can be found here: http://markzak.com/blog.asp

Hrm, I typically make it a point not share my views on anything people are willing to start wars and/or die for, but I am a walking contradiction, so I never make any sense.
This whole "freedom of speech" comes from a document that governs the U.S. only, not any other country. While I too am all for it, I don't really expect a lot of the rest of the world to adopt or understand it since there are places where women are forced to still cover there faces or people (yes men too) are fined a rediculous some of money if they don't vote. (That last point might cause an uproar, but in the U.S. voting is a right, not a requirement).
That aside, I assume these people that are rioting are looking at this from a religious aspect. I think most if not all religious groups actively speak out against anything that may poke fun at their beliefs. Religion is basically a foundation most of these people have built a life upon, unlike in the U.S. where I think there is a lot of apathy and people look at sunday service as an obligation or a burden, not something necessary, like lets say eating. Remember when the Last Temptation of Christ came out? The Catholic church through a fit and tried to stop it from ever hitting theatres. Or more recently, the Da Vinci code. Again, this book was readily attacked by the Catholic church who would have, I'm sure, stopped its publication were it invading the writer's freedom of speech. JC to these folks is like a father figure, so to speak. If I were to write a book about him eating people, and it gets published as a work of fiction because clearly (i hope) it isn't true, I think you'ld be slightly hocked off at me.
I suppose my point is I understand why they are mad. Heck, Republicans get mad at political cartoons published by liberal papers and yell "false!" all the time. I do think it seems silly in our eyes because they are reacting in violent ways. Keep in mind they are in countries where unfortunately your voice isn't heard unless you make a big fuss. I'd say that we in the U.S. are just as guilty of this silly behavior, but we pick money over violence and are incredibly sue happy. You get burned by coffee? Sue! Somebody said you have an eating disorder? Sue because you have a rep to maintain!
There we go, thats my 2 cents. :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

El beste del oeste!

You look confused. Yes, so am I. I'm on day three of having my house ripped apart. The drilling isn't so bad, but I've noticed the mariachi has slowly gotten louder. Today is a fun new addition, as one of the workers (even as I type) is singing along in his falsetto voice. After hearing Pemma talk about them, I have invested in a pair of noise reduction headphones to help ease my pain. They do work, however I must remove my newly purchased armor when I go to the restroom, go outside, or go anywhere in general. The lead dude has informed me that they will be done tomorrow, and next week the carpet will be changed. Its a different group of workers, so I'm curious as to what musical I'll be exposed to.

Aside from being annoyed, and now retardly broke, I have yet ANOTHER trip coming up. Yes folks, I am looking for that new town to move to, since I started to get that scared "omg..I don't want to be here for the rest of my life" feeling. Up next I'll be going to Austin with some of my closest friends from Cali and Maryland. Now, its been quite some time since this group has gotten together. These were the guys I hung out with back when I was completely insane. I'm now moderately sane thanks to medication. ;) Ok, I really have no idea what I'm talking about anymore. *sigh*