Sunday, November 20, 2005

Walk for Animals! First, thanks to everyone who pledged. Weiland and I raised a little over $300, which equals helping 2 homeless pets! It was a great day FULL of free stuff. Weiland has toys and several boxes of biscuits. I couldn't resist buying this rediculous hat for him. We spent the first hour browsing the stands, eating lunch, and visiting Santa (thats right! Santa in the park!). After some absurd warmup routine we got in the pack near the back, because hey, I walk slow. It was awesome. All the dogs were off, except of course my boy, who got confused and was walking sideways. When we FINALLY made our way, he pulled and made me go fast enough so we were in the lead pack. One lady was like "Wow, he means business!" He's dedicated to walking for his homeless brethren, I suppose. It was a well organized walk, with water stations set up every so often for pooches to stay hydrated. As we rounded the turn, I'm feeling pretty good until I realize we are walking WAY close to the lake. Some girl was like "Don't jump!" and there was Weiland, standing at the edge, eyes all aglow. I actually took note that all the lab owners were pulling their dogs off the edge. Gotta love water dogs. We did find some steps, and when I saw other dog owners letting their dogs in, I let Weiland jump in for a quick swim. Newly refreshed, we finished the race, lounged in the grass for a bit, and headed home for a nice long nap. I unfortunately just realized my official race photo is going to be posted in two days, but I think I threw the website away. No matter, you can see my attempt at capturing this day here: Thanks for the help everyone!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And I'm back!

I'm back from my vacation, and no I did not get the writing done I was planning on, but I got in a lot of staring time with Tobias. It was great. He'd stare at me for an hour, look away for like 2 minutes, and look back at me with a crinkled brow as if saying "who are you?". I get to see him again for x-mas. I'm hoping he'll know how to smile by then because I feel like I bore him.

Other than that all is well. My friend from Iowa, Sarah, came to visit. She didn't have much money, so we only went out of the first night she was here. It was just like old times. Nothing too unusual happened except some guy I gave a good-bye kiss too decided he liked my tongue ring and bit my tongue. I know, makes no sense right? We actually did some landscaping when she was here, and fixed up the house a bit. The yard looks much nicer, and it really showed her there is more to this world than Iowa. Of course I hate to see visitors go, but it will be nice to get a full night of sleep.

Thats all on the news front for now. Events coming up: Walk for the Animals on Sunday! Weiland and I will post photos. Also, Weiland turns 7 on Monday! Make sure to get your birthday cards sent in time!