Monday, January 30, 2006

Welcome back, Kristie!

Well its been a few weeks, but now I'm back in AZ. I went on vacation to San Jose for a few weeks to visit the fam, then went down to the New Orleans area with Pemma to volunteer some time for Hurricane Katrina relief for animals. If you have some time, visit or Best Friend's Network specifically for Hurricane Katrina survivors. Lots of stories to tell from there, I'm trying to find some time to collect my thoughts. Right now its kind of hard though because as I type, my floors are being ripped out. Yes folks, I've decided to do put some new tile and carpet in the house. Its not the entire house, but it is a significant portion. Afterwards I will probably be changing my rediculously bright walls to different and more annoying colors. I'm hoping this makeover will trick my brain into thinking that we've moved again, and I can sit pretty for another year or two. And FYI, I just learned when a telemarketer calls they get REALLY hocked off when you have drills going on the background because you can't hear anything. She actually hung up on me! Ah, fun stuff. Well, back to work (or as much as I can do since its very hard to concentrate).