Friday, April 03, 2009

Movin on up

Yesterday, we took a roadtrip to a small town called Avila. Its about half the size of Salamanca and it has the best preserved medievil fortress wall thing surrounding the city. For a few Euro, we were able to scale the wall and run around looking at the city from above. So they are getting ready to kick us out of the internet cafe, and this may be my last entry since its my last day in Salamanca. Today is my mother´s birthday, and she was more than excited to spend it in the streets of Salamanca. She somehow managed to accidentally meet a bartender friend of mine named Carlos, who I didn´t even recognize right away because it was daylight. Its pretty rare I´m out and about during the day since the nightlife rarely dies before the sun comes up. Anyways, tomorrow we are off to Madrid! I have spoken to Raul, my new friend in Madrid, a few times on the phone this week, and he said its a big party weekend this weekend. He will be taking me out tomorrow, so it will be nice to have a tour guide instead of me fumbling around and trying to figure out things on my own. On Monday, Luis will head back to the U.S. and I will be moving on to Barcelona with my mother. Javier Bardem is filming there as we speak, so I´m hoping to chase him down and tackle him if for no other reason than to say I did. Oh, and also, I found out that my mother somehow managed to sneak her tiny self into this country. She never went through customs, we actually aren´t clear how she got around it, but she has no stamp or paperwork saying she entered through Barcelona, so should be fun trying to get her home. Hasta Luego!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hurricane Georgina

I thought mom visiting would be a blessing, but I was kind of doing better on my own. She took the same path I did getting here, fly to Barcelona, pass through Madrid, and arrive at Salamanca. What took me 5-6 hour took her almost 15. Why? I can´t even begin to explain, especially she since knows the language way better than I do. Upon her arrival she managed to blow out both of my energy converters and almost started a small fire in my apartment. However, she is now settled here, and having a fabulous time. She met more people on her first day here than I have in three weeks! The awesome thing was that she was able to get me some antibiotics from the pharmacy, and I´m FINALLY on the mend. I´ve gone shopping with her, and finally sat down and wrote out some postcards, so they are on their way kids. On the nightlife front, I got a little to excited with the Ponche chupitos the other night. I helped Luis meet some American´s since he´s having such a hard time with the language, but then got so drunk that I ran away to go dancing. On the plus side I met a nice group of guys from Madrid that kept me out until 1 o´clock the next afternoon. Of course, my life can never go smoothly, so upon saying a nice goodbye to one of them, I proceeded to skid and fall down a small staircase. I now have one butt cheek that is basically black from the bruise. Also, I will add that my mother has been kind enough to invest in several scarves for me so I can walk out in public and not be embarrassed, if you get my meaning. Anyways, I will be meeting up with them again when I head to Madrid on Saturday. I´m down to my last 2 days here. It will be hard to leave. I suppose I´m kind of well known around here now. One bouncer at the Irish Rover wants to meet my mother before I leave. I can´t walk into a club or on the street even without someone saying hello. My cell phone is even ringing with Spanish numbers I don´t recognize! I´m not sure what kind of impression I have left of myself here, but as we all know, K.Love can´t help but leave her mark.