Friday, May 23, 2008

The Scorpion King Part 2

So how is it that my life is SO full of responsibilities takes almost a month for me to get back posting a blog? Well, the sequel is always more disappointing than the original, so here we go.

I wake up from this nap of my about 11 p.m. The next day my roommate was going to move in. I was still feeling groggy, but I wanted to get his room cleaned out so I started moving stuff out. All is going well until I decide to move my exercise ball. I carried it in front of me and I couldn't see when I feel this painfully familiar burning feeling again, but this time in my foot. I thought it could possibly be a joke, but I turn around and there is the little bastard whipping his tail around in circles. He didn't kill me the first time, a mistake I'm sure he means to correct. I scramble to shoo the dogs away since this is my fight. Mano a mano. We have a bit of a staredown and I decide I'm so brave I'm going to throw a tissue over him to blind him and them scoop him up. His tail is still swishing back and forth, but I do manage to grab him. I'm a fool and decide to take a peek at him and my anger quickly fades away to sadness. His tail is slowed down and had fallen, the light fades from his eye, his pincher hands have stopped pinching. Shocking as this may be, I outweigh the guy by a ton or so, so I ended up squishing him when I stepped on him and he gave my one last stab. At last, my friend, we are even.

I toss his remain in the garbage outside and call my sis to tell her what terrible luck I have had. She tells me to go back to the emergency room. Clearly I'm allergic to the venom, and I still have the dose from a few hours earlier wandering around, so I might react more harshy this time. I call up my gal pal Leah and request a ride this time, which she graciously gives. Let me tell ya, the ER isn't exactly hoppin at midnight on a Thursday, so the staff was very amused that I was stung twice not only within hours of each other, but by the same scorpion. Again I'm given the field sobriety test, pumped full of drugs, and left for observation for a few hours. Luckily Leah was with me this time, so the time passed quickly. At about 2:30 I was released and went home and passed out for the next day and a half.

You see, dear readers, I don't need to leave my house to find drama, I seem to come across it when I stay home as well. :)