Sunday, October 26, 2014

And We're Back!

For being a "tech" girl, I seem to be anti technology, social media, and whatever else you want to add in here. I am too lazy to make updates, but now I have a reason! I am officially on sabbatical again. A rare gift granted by "the man" after putting in a number of years of service. The goal of this is gift is to allow employees to take a break and become refreshed. Let me tell you...I need it. The biggest news since my last blog post is that I moved to California, worked full time and attended law school part time, graduated, passed the California bar, and am now a licensed attorney. Sounds strange, no? How I found out my results is a mildly entertaining story in itself, which I will attempt to post later on this week. Anyways, the ultimate end goal of my return to the blog work is that I will update this with tales of my travels. Will it actually happen? Probably not. At least this post is evidence that I am going to attempt to do so. See you guys on the road!

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