Saturday, November 08, 2014

Hiking, Trains, and Automobiles

I've moved on to Denver, so a quick overview of the rest of the Portland trip. I apologize for how dry this entry, and probably how the next few entries will be. I seem to only find the time after a night of drinking. My body gets up in the wit sleeps in until at least noon.

Went on a hike, which ended up being a night hike through the rain and fog. I am not a hiker, so I was pretty impressed that I only cussed up one hill. We also went to see Gone Girl at one of those theatres that also serves beer. Lastly, I was able to meet up with an old coworker I haven't seen in 7-8 years. Mostly a relaxing trip. Not a bad way to kick off my travels.

Trying to catch my flight was a bit interesting. My host left before I did, so my task was simple. Catch a bus, then the lightrail, and then get on the plane. To get to the bus stop I had to walk with my luggage down a highway with no shoulder and 10 mph curves like a homeless. Once I arrived at the bus stop it was a few easy transfers to the airport. Now a world about the airline...

Frontier Airlines...they charge for carry on luggage(what??) AND they charge for soda. That's right, kids, you gotta pay to ride that ride. The kicker to this all was when I decided to get up to use the facilities. Usually a mundane task, but it was at this moment the plane dropped a bit. One of those dips that the entire plane says "whoa" out loud. I end up being launched sideways and my thigh slams into an arm rest. I recovered quickly,but am now sporting a nasty bruise that sits right where the barbell does for deadlifts, and also where I seem to slap myself when I'm excited.

Injuries aside,my first full day in Denver wasn't packed, but I will fill you in later. I have to enjoy the sunshine since they are few and far between!

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