Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How To Get Over Jetlag

Made it to Iceland fairly easily. It was an overnight flight, so I landed in the city about 6:30 a.m. I didn't sleep much, and felt pretty slimy. Of course this is the time people seem to like to talk to me the most!

The airport itself is the most clean and mod one I have yet to be in. Immediately I had a feeling I wish I had booked more time here. To get from the airport to the city is about an hour bus ride. I met a young local farmer, who gave me tips and pointed out different things along the way. My local tour guide! We part ways once in town and I'm really hoping my hotel will allow early check in so I can shower. No such luck. :-/ Might as well hoof it and check out the city, no?

In the city center, almost no place is open until 11. I was able to find one cafe that was open and decided to have breakfast there. I was chatted up by a New Yorker who was leaving that day. My eyes were so bit bloodshot, and my greasy hair was plastered to my head, but this fella looked like a hipster, so I felt on trend. After some pleasant conversation I moved on and found the famous church whose name escapes me. I climbed up to the open tower to get my first view of the city. Absolutely beautiful. I spent enough time up here that I could no longer feel my face. I stopped at Reykjavik Roaster after. A quirky coffee shop where you can watch them roast coffee beans. Loved the decor, underwhelmed by the coffee.

By this time the Sun was up, so I walked down to the water and saw some of the most beautiful views of the countryside. My trip to actually get out there and see it is not until Friday, but it looks amazing. I pop into some shops on the main strip of Lauvager, and finally it is check in time!

My hotel is small and basic, but it serves it's purpose. I take a few hours to shower, unpack, and try and figure out what I want to see. My plan was simple...walk around the city some more to get my bearings, have 1 beer at some pub, then get to bed around 10. I'm dragging ass at this point, but just a few more hours and I'm in the clear.

My choice for dinner was Cafe Loki. I picked it because it has traditional Icelandic food, and my puppy is named Loki. The meal was amazing! I don't know what is in mashed fish, but I would love to have it again. Rye bread pudding is also to die for. After some more sight seeing I decide to stop at Lewbowski Bar, a bar dedicated to the movie. It is a few doors down from my hotel and 9 p.m. My plan is on track!

Definitely the most touristy bar I've been too! The bartender was nice and suggested I get the Winter Brew because it is strong. I'm only having one, and who doesn't trust a bartender? Within a few minutes a girl from Canada sits next to me and chats me up and a fella from England joins in. I try to tell myself to leave after an hour, but the Winter Brew convinces me to stay. We move on to Kaldi Bar, which is way more my scene. A classic pub with a piano in the middle which anybody can walk up and play. Several pints later it is 1 a.m. and closing time. Probably one of the few times I am thankful to be kicked out of a bar. Once again, I thank you, beer, for helping me stay awake!

Short summary of today...went to the Penis museum (it is as gross as it sounds), then found Baejarin's Beztu Pylsur after to eat the famous hot dog Bill Clinton was afraid to eat (kind of poetic after the Penis museum, I think). Just a hot dog with some sauce and crunchy bits. Hung at the Harpa, which is gorgeous and has amazing views, ate at Glo, Iceland's favorite healthy restaurant, sadly found my Northern Lights tour was canceled, so relaxed at a cafe since tomorrow morning I will visit a Geothermal Spa. If anyone wants to visit Iceland in the future, please hit me up! I am down to 2 full days, and there are so many more things I want to see/do!

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